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You find yourself trapped in the wizards working room. Here he stores ingredients, empties for blood all the corpses he digs up from different cementeries and spends time making evil curses. Get out in time, and free yourself from an unknown fate.


Maximum 8 people.
(Recommended 4-6 people)


You are in America in 1920 where alcohol was banned and secret bars, run by the mafia, were started up and called Speakeasy. You are charged with murder and must escape from the country. You've heard that the mafia has a secret bar with a lot of money in the safe. If you manage to get the money and escape from the country unseen, you can live a luxury life. If you get caught, the mafia will kill you on the spot.

Maximum 5 people.
(Recommended 4 people)


300 NOK  per person.
(Minimum price is 1000 NOK)


Student discount / Kids : 20% discount on single tickets when showing us your student card.


Please meet up 10 min before booked hour to get info etc.

Regarding payment we only have the option to be paid via Norwegian debit cards and cash for the moment. Unfortunately no credit cards.


We are monitoring the rooms at all times, so we can always intervene if something happens. Otherwise, you can also contact the employee via a walkie talkie, whether you want a hint or something else.

Age limits

The minimum age to participate is 6 years if coming with at least one adult, or 16 years in case no adults are around. There is no upper age limit. 



If you can do simple physical tasks, then you can probably play The Room. For your peace of mind, all our rooms have something you can sit on, and you can always contact us if you need to leave the room. Keep in mind that some rooms  may have some scary atmosphere.



Our rooms are about 12 – 25 m2, and about 3 m high. The rooms can be left at any time. If it feels safer for you, we can leave the door closed but unlocked.


Players with disabilities

Unfortunalety we dont have a elevator up th our escape rooms which are in the 3rd floor. The rooms are not that big either, so a wheelchair will have some difficulty in moving freely inside the room. But if this is no problem for you, then it isn’t a problem for us. Some rooms may require some smaller physical activity or the use of some senses.

In order to escape, we recommend that at least one member of the team has no disabilities. We recommend you to contact us with us by mail, facebook or telephone if you have a disability, so we can inform you about the possibilities there is.



KlosterGarasjen: Vestre Murallmenningen 14, 4 min walking

Bergen bystasjon, 10 min walking



The Room is an interactive adventure game, ideally for groups of 2-14 persons. Explore your surroundings, find the clues, solve the riddles and crack the codes; to finally open the last and most important door! Attentiveness, tactical thinking and team work are skills you will need!


We can offer the experience in Norwegian, English and often Spanish too. Bring your friends or family and try it out!

Have you got what it takes to escape The Room within 60 minutes?




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